A procedure that can give you a complete set of bottom teeth again with a single, custom implant installed into one of the thickest parts of your lower jaw.


Procedures that restore your teeth and gums when gum disease is so severe and advanced, that more traditional restorative techniques become ineffective.

Bone Grafting

A treatment needed to restore the jaw to a normal shape, thickness adequate for the installation of custom tooth implants, or to encourage self-healing of the jaw.

Ridge Augmentation

These procedures are designed to restore the shape and thickness of your jaw after major tooth extractions. This is meant to create a stable bite and a normal look.

Tissue & Gum Grafting

These procedures restore gum or mouth tissue that has been lost and cannot grow back due to injury, or severe oral health problems like periodontitis.

Full Arch Graftless Solutions

Procedure allowing patients with low bone density to get permanent dental implants.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Rebuilding your entire smile with implants, tooth restoration, etc.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Repairing permanent damage caused by periodontal disease and restoring teeth and gums to a normal cosmetic state.

Same Day Tooth Replacement

Replacing missing or damaged teeth with implants on the same day as requested by the patient.