Pearly Whites for Life Rewards Program

Our Pearly Whites for Life Rewards Program is a courtesy and a privilege—compliments of Dr. Aaron Santos. The Program was developed as a bonus for patients taking their dental health seriously and an incentive for those who need a little help maintaining their dental care. Patients enrolling in this program will receive professional-grade, take-home whitening strips for personal use. While absolutely free, this privilege requires you to follow our office guidelines.

How do I Enroll?

Just ask our front desk about the Pearly Whites for Life Rewards Program, review the terms, and sign! Although the program is a gift from us to you, the following guidelines must be strictly followed to continue to receive this benefit:
*Disclaimer: Should any of the guidelines set forth fail to be met, you will immediately be disqualified from the program until you have successfully met all of the qualifying rules for a minimum of 12 months.