A variety of different materials used by us to fill the space in your tooth we removed because of decay.


How we bring your teeth back to normal from damage like chipping, cracking, decay, and deterioration.


One of the ways we fill empty spaces between teeth, preventing shifting and restoring a “complete” look to your smile.


A more cost-effective custom alternative to fix the appearance of missing teeth.


Removal of a tooth when it is beyond saving due to decay or severe damage. This treatment is also used to remove teeth causing development issues; a good example of this is wisdom teeth.

Full Arch Graftless Solutions

Procedure allowing patients with low bone density to get permanent dental implants.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Rebuilding your entire smile with implants, tooth restoration, etc.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Repairing permanent damage caused by periodontal disease and restoring teeth and gums to a normal cosmetic state.

Regenerative Periodontal Surgery

Procedures that save teeth before periodontal disease destroys their overall look and function.

Orthodontic Exposure of Impacted Teeth

Process that guides teeth that have not erupted from the gums, out of the tissue, and into the correct position.

Emergency Treatment

Immediate dental problems that need to be fixed right away. If you are in severe pain, please call 9-1-1 for further assistance!